Code of Conduct – our mission statement

As a leading company in the catering industry and a responsible, strong employer and business partner, it is our vision to offer our guests uncompromisingly fresh, excellent tasting and healthy products in an inspiring atmosphere. Our brand gives us pride and a common purpose and unites us as a team. This shapes our corporate culture and is the foundation of our success. We place great value on integrity at every level, which is the cornerstone of trust amongst all of us. Compliance with the law is the natural expression of this integrity. In this spirit, our actions are guided by the following principles:

Compliance with applicable law 

No transaction can be so important that we violate the law for it. Compliance with all applicable laws and regulations is a matter of course for VAPIANO – locally, nationally and internationally. Only this way, we can achieve sustainable growth and ensure the loyalty of our guests, employees and business and cooperation partners in the long term. We avoid violations of applicable laws, regulations and internal rules of conduct. We investigate all indications of violations and react and sanction appropriately.

Ethical behaviour and social responsibility

Compliance with human rights and the protection of minorities is a special concern of VAPIANO. We do not tolerate any form of forced labour, imposed and child labour, corporal punishment or exploitation of people. Everyone has the right to equal opportunity and to be treated with dignity and respect. Harassment, mobbing, intimidation and hostilities, whether verbal or physical, do not represent our values and must not be tolerated.

Equal opportunity and non-discrimination

We are proud of our diverse VAPIANO family and actively promote this diversity. We strongly reject any discriminatory behaviour, be it on the basis of nationality or ethnic origin, gender, skin colour, or civil status, age, disability, religion or ideology, sexual orientation or any other reason. We are all Vapianisti!

Interaction based on respect, openness and trust 

We advocate cooperation, open communication and feedback. We see conflicts as opportunity and want a constructive exchange of opinions. We encourage our employees to also report critical issues and concerns to their supervisors or management without fear of reprisal. We trust our employees. Good performance is rewarded. It is important to us that management and the respective supervisors support their employees and follow up the concerns expressed by them without bias.

Integrity towards the business environment

Our business partners, such as franchise partners, suppliers and other external partners rely on us to always act credibly and in accordance with existing laws and rules. At the same time, we for our part strive to always treat our business partners fairly. Likewise, we take care to ensure that our business and cooperation partners follow the law and the principles mentioned herein in their actions and decisions – worldwide.

Occupational and traffic safety

VAPIANO is always anxious to maintain a healthy and safe work environment for its employees in which the health and safety laws and rules are complied with at the workplace. This includes that any dangerous behaviour at the workplace and any dangerous conditions in the work environment are always and immediately examined. In our restaurants, we always pay attention to the safety of our guests and avoid any hazard.

Safety and faultlessness of our products and services

VAPIANO claims to maintain the highest quality standards worldwide and to take a leading role in terms of product quality among catering industry companies. Continuously challenging ourselves and constantly improving our processes is part of this commitment. It is important to us to comply with all legal and technical rules and standards for quality assurance and product safety. We take any reports of product defects, including minor ones, seriously and investigate them, whether they come from employees, guests or third parties – only this way will we get better than we ever were.

Role model function of our managers

We attach great importance to ensuring that our managers exemplify our corporate principles every day and actively promote compliance with them by their staff. In doing so, they support constructive criticism, an open and honest exchange of ideas and always serve as contact for their staff, our business partners and our guests.


Vapiano symbolises freshness, indulgence and a particular attitude to life. These are fixed elements of the work we do each day because we want all Vapianisti, as well as our partners and suppliers, to work in an environment they can be proud of. Fairness, compliant conduct and responsible actions are an unmoveable part of our daily work and and how we think. 

Jochen Halfmann CEO
Lutz Scharpe CFO
Mario Bauer Board Member